What is SEO?

Recently, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In English this is called search engine optimization. SEO is designed to work with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Rambler, Baidu and other search engines, and more specifically, search engine optimization. Google search engine optimization is the most common problem in New York, as 98% of New Yorkers use this search engine.

When you start SEO work, there are a number of steps you can take to get a site-specific page to appear in the first results of a particular phrase - keyword - in the search engine box. While SEO is the goal https://aviationwebdesign.net/of first search positions in New York, ranking at least in the top 10 is also good, as sites ranked there attract the most traffic of New York SEO.

Keywords and optimized pages

Website optimization and page optimization are two different phrases, so it is not worth mixing these terms, especially since the scope of SEO work for the site and the page is different.

A website has many pages that are fundamentally different and each page has its own specific purpose: its like a link to unique information. Usually, the subject and function of a page are defined by a single word - a key phrase - which is still reflected in the menu item on that page. Thus, knowing the title that describes the content of a page also allows you to know the exact phrase that users using Google or another search engine will search for. When optimizing an entire website, it is necessary to predict which page will be targeted by which keyword. This kind of structuring is one of the essential parts of NYC SEO search engine optimization.


The initial phase of website optimization

First of all, you need to find out what key phrases users use most often when looking for information or services provided by a particular site. At this stage, we use a special questionnaire. It is designed to identify the target audience of a web page, to find out what people might be looking for in a particular service.

This is followed by a list of initial key phrases that serve as a basis for selecting the most popular keywords for a particular niche market. We do this with the Google Tool - Keyword Tools. It can give you preliminary statistics about the average monthly search volume for certain keywords (statistics from the last 12 months are used). For SEO optimization, it is important to choose Exact keyword statistics only to find out the exact average monthly usage of a particular word or phrase. The Keyword Tool also finds out other related key phrases that users have also searched for. So, with this tool you can find out the most popular keywords in the customers target market. The more popular your keyword is, the more traffic you can get.

How do I rate Google Stats?

Statistically, the number one site takes up 60% of the total number of search users. For example, if your keyword phrase has an average monthly usage of 1000, then the site ranked first can receive up to 600 visitors per month for that keyword alone. Being in TOP10 means that up to 10% of the traffic can be reached.

Another important evaluation criterion is the number of TOP10 and those who want to enter it. This is a kind of indication of the size of the competition. If you enter a particular word into the Google search box, 10 results from all x pages will be displayed. This number represents the total number of pages that this keyword competes for in the TOP10 position.

SEO Standards

By finding out the key phrases, you can optimize your website pages. Each page should be focused on a specific word or combination of words. Two identical pages from the same domain cannot exist because the Google search engine will not understand which page matches one phrase or the other. The essence of Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that the Google system will only know one particular search result.

With a site structure, every page should be considered to meet SEO standards: it should have a clear page address (URL), page title, content title, metadata oriented to the relevant keyword for which the page is being optimized.

Increasing page authority

The next step is external site optimization. In other words, creating referral links on the web. The purpose of external optimization is to get links from relevant, authoritative websites in that market via certain key phrases (backlinks). The more links there are to your site, the more likely it is to appear in Google is search engine rankings.

Another important part of the SEO process is monitoring or tracking page positions by keywords. Every step you take is optimized

Having a page both internally and externally has some consequences, unfortunately not always good. For this reason, you should regularly monitor how your page positions change after each action you take. Responding to changes in a timely manner can help control the situation and adapt to the search engine. It is important to remember that value is important to users, and it usually lies in the content of the page. Googles goal is to place the most valuable page at the top of search results for the keyword you enter. Winning for both Google and other search engines occurs when users win. SEO can make a major contribution to this.

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